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History of Doyline
United Methodist Church

Church 2005

The exact date of when the first Methodist Church was built in Doyline is not known. We do have information which was obtained from "The New Orleans Christian Advocate" dated December 3, 1885, that the church was being built at that time.

The obituary of Miss Emma N. Doyle taken from "The New Orleans Christian Advocate" dated December 3, 1885, is as follows:

"Doyle - Miss Emma N. Doyle, daughter of Capt. D.B. Doyle, departed this life September 10, 1885 at Doyline, Webster Parish, La.
Miss Emma was a faithful and worthy member of the Methodist Church and doubtless enjoyed sweet fellowship with her Savior. Emma was kind to her devoted father and mother, and affectionate to her kind brothers and sisters. By her gentle and honest manners she won the hearts of all who knew her.
Sister Emma was a true and constant member of the Sunday School, for which she worked diligently. Our thoughts naturally reverted back to her last work for the Master - raising money for the erection of a new church at Doyline. That church is now going up, and soon the family, with neighbors and fellow worshipers, will enjoy the benefits and comfort of the same. R.M. Blocker"

According to an article taken from "The New Orleans Christian Advocate" dated August 7, 1890, Mr. Doyle departed this life at his quiet home, Doyline, Webster Parish, La., July, 2, 1890. (This was Downs Brewster Doyle). He came to Claiborne (now Webster Parish) in 1844. He lived for fifty-six years, serving the community as a faithful man. He joined the Methodist Episcopal Church South in 1872, at a meeting held by Rev. S.S. Scott, near his home. It is not known where the meeting was held. The old Doyle home was located where Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Watson are now living.

On November 12, 1983, Miss Annis Cawthon (my sister, born in 1909) told me she remembered Mr. Jack Blount (who joined the church in 1898) told her, when she was a little girl, that meetings were held in a "Brush Arbor" in Doyline. A copy of the article from "The New Orleans Christian Advocate" is filed with other information regarding the Methodist church.

According to Mrs.Camilla Thompson Stoddard1 and Mrs. Treabie Jackson Anders2, they knew there were two churches before the present one. Mr. Sam Brown, born in 1909, of Shreveport, remembered the first church, which was built in a square, being moved on logs. It was later made into a store in Doyline. Mr. Brown was a young boy but remembered well the church being moved. He did not remember the exact date, but approximately 1915. Both Mrs. Stoddard and Mrs. Anders grew up in Doyline and were able to give information from personal knowledge. Mrs. Anders was married in this church and thought she was the first to marry here (This would be the church built in 1916). On May 11, 1978, Mrs Anders was asked about her earliest recollections of the Methodist Church. She remembered the first church was a square structure. The sanctuary was divided into two parts, she assumed one side was for the men and the other side was for the ladies which was the custom at that time. The next church was a white painted structure with two entrances in the southeast corner. The entrances opened into a small vestibule. From other information we received, this church was built in 1916. This church was in existence when we (the J.A. Cawthon's) moved next door in December, 1919. I remember the church well. It faced the highway (which was Highway 80 then) and the pulpit was at the north end. There were several pews on the east side, facing west, near the pulpit. The present church was built in 1926. It was first painted brown and later (date unknown) painted white. The classrooms, kitchen and pastor's study (now the nursery) were added in the forties.

On September 20, 1979, I talked with Mrs. Laura Hicks Thomson, age 92, by telephone at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ann Grubbs (Annie Laura). The United Methodist Women (UMW) were interested in the history of the Missionary Society here and I remembered that Mrs. Thomson was active in the Methodist Church.

Mrs. Thomson was living in Doyline when we moved here (1919) and was one of the public school teachers. When I talked with her in September, 1979, she was very alert and was glad to be able to give information about the church. She later wrote a letter which was filed with the other information about the church.

Mrs. Thomson's parent were J.T. and Fannie C. Wiley Hicks who moved to Doyline in 1916. There was a Missionary Society at that time. Mrs. Thomson's mother was one of the early presidents of the society and after her death, Mrs. Thomson became president. She remembered that the church had been damaged by a storm and another church was built. I understood her to say this was in 1916. This was later confirmed by the letter I received from her. According to Mrs. Thomson's letter her brother and father built the church in 1916. We feel we have sufficient information to know there have been at least three buildings and that the first church was built in 1885.

The present church bell was given to the church by Mr. J. Gladden Willis, Sr. many years ago, according to his daughter, Miss Augusta Willis, who is a current member. She joined the church in October, 1917. The bell belonged to the Bossier Parish Courthouse which was then located at Bellevue.

The first members listed in the Doyline Methodist Episcopal Church South's "Register" are:

Mattie Raines1888
Mrs. Lena Hillman1888
Ollie Brown1888
Rev. H.J. Boltz 
Mrs. E.F. Tabor1897
Jack Blount(Certificate) March 27,1898
Mrs. L.A.V. BlountMarch 27,1898
E.M. BlountMarch 31,1898
Iva CulpepperApril 23, 1899
Miss Lillie Culpepper(Vows) April 26, 1899
Mrs. E.F. Tabor(Certificate) December 2, 1899

Some of the current members who joined the church from 1917 to 1923 are:

Augusta (Gussie) WillisOctober, 1917
Elsie Brewer (Beaird)1919
Necie Watson (Kirkley)1923
Loye Willis1923
Sybil Watson Kemper1923 - Transferred by letter from Bienville Methodist Church

Elise Paxton Newton was the first baby listed in the Register showing she was Baptized (Christened) March, 1913, by Rev. J.M. Brown. (This was her grandfather).

The Doyline First Baptist Church met and was organized in the Doyline Methodist Church in 1923. The Doyline Catholic Church met in the Doyline Methodist Church for services for some time. Their church was organized in the sixties.

Dorothy and Carl Smithson, current members who married August 22, 1937, were one of the first couples who had a formal wedding held in the church which was built in 1926.

The deed for the land on which the church is built, was recorded in the Webster Parish Courthouse, Minden, Louisiana, December 31, 1885.

D.B. Doyle deeded lots 1, 2, and 3 Block R in the town of Doyline to F. Crawford Hodges of same residence, President of the Board of Trustees for South Bossier Circuit, Shreveport District, Louisiana Conference and to his Successor or Successors in office herein represented by Rev. R.M. Blocker as agent of the use and benefit of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, said Circuit District and Conference.

For the consideration of the sum of fifty dollars ($50.00) cash in hand paid and further consideration of the goodwill, D.B. Doyle, for the cause of Christianity transferred the property to the Methodist Conference. There has been a Methodist church on this dame property continuously since 1885 according to information we have been able to obtain. We also have information indicating there was some form of a Methodist "meeting place" in Doyline as early as 1872.

Doyline Methodist Church was transferred to the Ruston District in November, 1945. Before this, Doyline was a part of the Shreveport District.

Lee Cawthon McIntyre3
November 12, 1983

  1. Charlie and Matilda Thompson, of Mrs. Camilla Stoddard and Mr. Clyde Thompson, were prominent pioneer settlers in this area. They first lived in the Pilgrims Rest area near Doyline and when Mrs Stoddard was in her teens the family moved to Doyline. Mrs. Stoddard died at the age of 89 in 1982.
  2. Wallace and Nettie Jackson, parents of Mrs. Treaby Jackson Aders, were prominent pioneers settlers in Doyline. Mrs. Anders is quite active and is in her late 80's.
  3. Lee McIntyre joined the Baptist Church in the Doyline Methodist Church in the summer of 1923. She joined the Trinity Methodist Church, Ruston, Palm Sunday, 1946 and transferred her letter to Doyline Methodist Church April 16, 1948.

"New Orleans Christian Advocate" Research done by Mrs. J.D. Cawthon, May 1978.

The following was added to the Doyline United Methodist Church history on January 27, 1987 by Mrs. J.D. Cathon:

THE BOSSIER BANNER - Vol. XXV - No.35 - Bellevue, La.
November 4, 1886

From Rev. R.M.Blocker we get the following: The new Methodist Church at Doyline in South Bossier circuit, was dedicated by the Rev. B.F. Alexander, P.E., last Sunday. (This would have been on October 31, 1886 - WebMaster) A large crowd in attendance, and sumptuous dinner served by the ladies of the neighborhood. The meeting was continued two days and nights, and the following persons were received in the church:

T.J. JacksonN.S. YarboroughMrs. Mamie Doyle
Misses Jessie DoyleEffie DoyleLuda Mabary
Mary Fannie HilmanSarah Estelle BatesMary Lizzie Raines

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